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Lou Boudreau: Thornton’s All-Time Greatest

Produced by LaMarr Thomas and Thomas Hartmann, the Lou Boudreau video tribute highlights the extraordinary achievements of the greatest athlete ever to attend Thornton High School and one of the greatest athletes (if not the greatest athlete) ever to come from Illinois.

Vintage film and photos capture all the major career accomplishments of Lou Boudreau, including his leading Thornton to the Illinois state basketball championship in 1933, his leading the University of Illinois basketball and baseball teams to Big Ten championships, and as the youngest player-manager in the history of Major League Baseball, his leading the Cleveland Indians to the World Series Championship in 1948.

The video includes as well moving tributes to Lou Boudreau from such Thornton notables as Bill Hayes, Lorna Propes, Napoleon Harris, and Tom Dreesen.

Vanguard 300 / 2013 Hall of Fame

Vanguard 300

This video was produced at the Hall of Fame/Alumni Day 2013. Learn more about the Vanguard 300 fund here.