2011 Allocations

2011 Allocations – $ 27,997

Cinco de Mayo Dance $500 ($300 for DJ $200 for food)

Dance to be held and geared toward the entire school community and their families and teachers. This would promote engaging in one another’s cultures and diversity. Hopes to be annual event.

Video Club: $500

To maintain the success of the video club: purchasing updated games and consoles to recharge controllers. This club is a place to go to after school – a student must show that he has completed homework. Helps the students to interact with like-minded students and creates positive feelings. Available to all students.

Speech Camp: $1,800

To operate a speech camp in the summer to offer the students an opportunity to prepare for the coming year and to work exclusively with the coaches. Approx. 20 students.

Speech Camp at Prairie State: $1,250

Five students will be selected to attend Prairie State College for a two-week speech camp. Students will receive intensive training from some of the best high school coaches in the south suburbs.

Special Programs Media and Field Trip Fund: $3,500

Daily newspapers for TMH students – a significant part of TMH curriculum. Would also be used for field trips including transportation – could benefit over 300 S.P. students. This gives the students opportunities to be in touch with thereal world and helps in their social growth.

ELL trip to Washington DC- 2012: $5,000

Over 50 students will be able to take this trip to the USA capitol. The funds will offset the cost to the students who cannot afford the trip. They will also be having fund raisers during the year. They have been studying the government system and the great contributions of immigrants to this country.

Yearbook: $2,200 (asked for $3,600)

To purchase equipment (cameras and digital recorders for reporting). Current equipment is low quality – hopefully, with new equipment could produce a better book. (60 students)

Black History Month: $950

To purchase prizes for the essay contest and door decorating contest and to pay for a speaker. Would benefit all students. The student population is largely African-American – we can celebrate their heritage and encourage them to excel.

S.A.V.E. Day Assembly: $500

Funds would be utilized for either a guest speaker or group for the assembly, along with decorations and supplies. This organization stresses community service, academic achievement, and alternative thinking to violence. The entire freshmenand sophomore classes attend the assembly.

College and Career Center Presentations – A Smart Board:  $1,500

The entire student body benefits plus the faculty – the smart board allows the opportunity for information to be presented in an effective format for all who attend.

Project Safe Hands: $500

Protective work gloves for automotive classes – would benefit 125 students.

Thornton Wrestling Project: $1,500

Kennedy sole mats shoe cleaner, Kennedy mop bucket system, Kennedy sanitizer equipment, extra mop heads, sport hair and body cleaner – would benefit approximately 800 students. Majority of the equipment will benefit all students in Physical Education as well as wrestlers.The sanitizing equipment will decrease the chance of spreading communicable diseases passed on by surfaces that have not been cleaned or disinfected…a huge benefit to all students, staff and community.

Cheerleading Training Equipment: $1,150

To purchase a tumbling/jumping aide for the improvement of tumbling for our athletes/students –   Allows students to practice their tumbling skills without injury.

Weight Room: $5,000

Approx. 750 students – $3000 to finish the weight room floor; $1500 for a power rack; $500 for two new weightlifting bars.

Graphing Calculators: $2,000 (requested $4,000)

120 students – To purchase graphing calculators for students to use in classroom. Will enhance speed and accuracy in performing math computations.

AP Psychology Review: $147

To purchase psychology review cards for review for the AP psychology exams. Approx 50 students and future students.
TOTAL  $27,997