2010 Allocations

2010 Allocations – $ 13,250

These programs are being supported for the 2010-2011 school year through your generosity contributions to TALF:

Restorative Justice Peer Jury

Restorative justice is a value-based approach to responding to wrongdoing and conflict, with a balanced focus on the person harmed, the person causing the harm, and the affected community. Restorative justice focuses on transforming wrongdoing by healing the harm, particularly to the relationships. Currently there are 65 Peer Jurors. The funds will be used for training students, Youth Town Hall meetings, Leadership/team building, workshops, transportation, materials and supplies, recognition programs and resource materials.

How to Be a Lady/How to Be a Gentleman

Demonstrate contemporary common courtesy, manners, attitudes, appropriate dress, accomplishment and poise. Demonstrate decision making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school and community contacts. 150 students.

DJ Club

Start a DJ Club with participation limited to those students meeting established academic and disciplinary standards. Funds will be used to purchase turntables, mixing board, CD players and computer software. 50 – 100 students.

Speech Camp

Prepare students for upcoming speech season.  As a result of last year’s speech camp, students were better prepared and placed in the top five in every tournament.

Nano-Chemistry Research Project

Preparing students for careers in nano-chemistry/medicine will assure that they are well-positioned to take advantage of this strong trend in development and career pathways in “nano” related industries already established in a number of key areas: electronics industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the food sector, medical devices sector. Nano-technology has developed into a global industry. Funds will be used to purchase low-cost science tool kits. 18 pre-pharmacy students.

Strength and Nutrition Specialist

Program is designed to implement strength training and conditioning programs for athletes in a a team setting.  Also, the Specialist (teacher) is ann expert in the field of nutrition and hydration needs for athletic performance.  Training would take place 3 – 4 days per week. Funding for equipment and stipend. All student athletes.

Special Needs Students

Provide field trips, special Olympics support and educational materials for special needs students.

Video Club

To expand the vide club so that more students can take advantage of all that it offers: funding will provide more games and game systems. This club is an incentive for students to do better in class.  Each week students are asked to improve their grades, attendance and behavior to be eligible to participate. Most importantly, it creates and after school program for students. All students.

Music for All Summer Symposium

Funds will be used toward student attendance at the Music for All Summer Symposium, a positively life changing experience. Students will begin the week with a leadership conference, and afterwards choose to complete the rest of the week for curricula that focuses on Concert Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, Percussion, Color Guard or Drum Majors. Nightly concerts and events are also included. Funds will be used for symposium activities, materials, room and board. 12 students.

Students Against Violence Everywhere

Educate all students about making safe, healthy and positive life choices. Funds will be used to organize a SAVE day, leadership training, bring speakers in to talk about the alternatives to violence, celebrate the hard work with a softball game with all the students from the feeder schools and Thornton. 1,200 TTHS students, 150 elementary students.

Special Olympics

Funds will be utilized for Special Olympic Students to participate and compete with other athletes of like ability.

We also had requests for the following excellent, worthy programs, but were not able to provide funding. Please contact us if you would be interested in supporting any of these wonderful programs:

  • Science Classroom Tide Pool Touch Tank: $4550.85
  • Courtyard Garden Project/Thornton Science Club: $849.83
  • Math Class Graphing Calculators: $3,000.00
  • Enrichment Reading: $229.84
  • Wrestling Project: $20,000
  • English L. L. trip to Washington, DC: $3,000