2009 Allocations

2009 Allocations — $21,000

The following programs were funded for the 2009-2010 school year thanks to your generous support:

A New Generation of Men

A program developed by TTHS to aid young men in a successful transition to manhood. Goals: reduce proportion of adolescent males who participate in at-risk behaviors, improve retention and graduation rates for all participants, increase literacy of young men, increase proportion of participants who enroll in a college or university, teach young men the importance of self-sufficiency, provide an atmosphere of brotherhood where young men can develop healthy relationships, teach the meaning of manhood and the value of men in society. Principals of P.O.W.E.R. – purpose, ownership, will, education, responsibility.

Thornton Township High School Scholar Academy

To provide students with scholarship information, college choice information, application support, application (essay) review, and all other pertinent information that will make the students more marketable for prestigious scholarships.

TTHS Summer Speech Camp

To help students foster their talents in a positive and productive way – camp open to ALL TTHS students as well as incoming Freshman students.

Learning Through Exploring

To provide ESL students with real life learning experiences through educational field trips.

Project Safety

To purchase new safety glasses, goggles, and face shields for automotive shops at TTHS. Current equipment is very old and basically useless.

Video Club

To purchase video game systems and games as an incentive program for students. Students will be required to work on homework BEFORE they can play.  Studies show that these systems will help with learning – especially visual learning. Open to whole school.

Athletic Training Room Upgrades

Funds will be used to replaced outdated eouipment and to purchase much needed equipment. Much of the equipment in the training room is over 45 years old – we hope to purchase new treatment tables and modern equipment used in sports medicine. Would be available for the 650 students involved in sports activities. New equipment will also be used in the student trainer program for those students who will eventually enter into college seeking a degree in Athletic training.

TTHS Sophisticats

To purchase uniforms for marching band season (football) – uniforms, jackets, boots. The SOPHISTICATS have become a symbol for TTHS and its school spirit. They will be involved in the band competition and need to be dressed appropriately.


To purchase jogging suits for varsity so that current jogging suits can be passed down to Junior Varsity who have none. JR Varsity has a deficiency in uniforms and jogging suits – our team has been involved in more activities with the school and community – they need to be in uniform.

Cheerleading UCA Summer Camp

To provide $100 off $260 cost for camp for at least 20 girls.

CPR Equipment

All students will be involved in learning CPR. Current equipment is very old and not up to standards for classroom activities.

Special Ed Classes

Funding primarily for field trips.

Thank you so much for your support of TALF, which makes funding of programs like this possible.