2015 TTHS Hall of Fame Inductees

Alumni Inductees

Kathy Bankhead, 1976—Assistant State’s Attorney [read a profile of Kathy]
Dorothy J. Bryant, 1966—Educator [read a profile of Dorothy]
Eddie Ireland**, 1942—Businessman
Lou Macaluso, 1969—Author and Motivational Speaker
LaVonne Brown Ruoff, 1948—University Professor
Charles Truby**, 1956—Management Consultant [read a profile of Charles]
Carol Vandenberg Lukert, 1949—Educator
LaMarr Thomas, 1966—Writer/Researcher [read a profile of LaMarr]

Faculty/Staff Inductees

Dr. James Clark [read a profile of Dr. Clark]
Linda Franklin
Jack Lipe**—Thornton Athletic Director
Grace Scott** [read a profile of Grace]

** denotes deceased

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2015 TTHS Hall of Fame Inductees

2015 TTHS Hall of Fame Inductees