2013 Fourth Annual Alumni Day/Hall of Fame Event

Thanks to Our Sponsors (See Below)

The Fourth Annual Alumni Day/Hall of Fame event was held on Friday, May 3, 2013 beginning with registration in the beautiful lobby of Thornton Township High School auditorium. After short greetings in the lobby, the inductees, alumni, and guests moved to the T-building for a luncheon prepared and served by Chef Parker and the Culinary Arts Program.

After the luncheon, the inductees, alumni, guests, staff and students moved to the auditorium for the opening remarks of TALF’s Executive Director, Kay Benacka Rampke, ’70. Principal Tony Ratliff, ’80, and TALF Board Member LaMarr Thomas, ’66, expressed their appreciation for those who have supported TALF and especially those who were in attendance for the Fourth Annual Alumni Day/Hall of Fame event.

The Honorable Lorna E. Propes, a member of the class of 1962, was the keynote speaker. Her message to the audience was very inspiring as she shared her childhood and how she became the person she is today. Lorna credits her mentor, Joyce Broo Upton, a former TTHS faculty member, to go to college. Lorna went on to Indiana University and became a teacher. She came back to TTHS and taught for three years before moving on to Evanston High School as a counselor. Lorna went on to the Loyola University School of Law. She became one of Chicago’s “30 toughest lawyers.” She currently is a judge serving in the Circuit Court of Chicago.

Idlewild Country Club was the site of the dinner dance with over 200 guests in attendance. Many memories were shared by classmates and faculty. There were inductees from the class of 1942-1997 along with five faculty members. The careers of each inductee varied but it appeared each had the same message in their acceptance speech: ‘Thornton had a tremendous impact on their lives and careers,” something that seems to be said year in and out by the inductees.

After the event, a 2011 inductee said “I hope the current students are aware of what being a ‘wildcat’ means.”

Thank you to all who attended and supported the 2013 Alumni Day/Hall of Fame event. Without your support, Thornton Alumni Legacy Fund wouldn’t be able to give back to the students at TTHS.

The administration, staff, students and TALF appreciated you and THANK YOU for another successful event. We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 Alumni Day/Hall of Fame Event.

2013 Alumni Day/Hall of Fame Sponsorships

Thorntonite – $5,000
Fred Furth ‘52

KIP – $2,500
Dr. Paul Palmer ’48, in honor of Henry Vandenberg

Wildcat – $1,000
Senator Napoleon Harris ’97
J. David Nelson ‘59

Purple & White – $500
Dr. Milton Davenport ‘97
Jane ’67 & Pat Martin
Precison Control
Frank M. Zuccarelli, Supervisor – Thornton Township

Silver – $100
Gwendolyn Bowen – Retired Faculty
Merry Ring Braymen ‘61
Clifford Chatman ‘79
Chesser Campbell ‘60
Dr. Vincent Geraci ‘60
Joan Greenwood – Retired Faculty
Larry Halagiere ‘69
Marcia Taylor-Martin
Lisa Nevins
Ann (Holtgren) ’54 & Don Pellegreno
Precision Control
Erin & George Roeper – Retired Faculty
Jocelyn Scott ‘77
Al Sowa – Retired Faculty
LaMarr & Chris Thomas ‘66

Bronze – $50
Dr. William Bielby ‘65
Elizabeth Collins
Les Duncan ‘53
Christ Forte ‘68
Ken & Leola Perkins
Janet Chisholm Wahl – Retired Faculty

Royer (Sonny) Andrews ‘65
Mary Belfrey ‘66
Judith Bukwa ‘62
District 205 Academic Enrichment Foundation
John Graham ‘48
Dr. Willie Rucker ‘75
Bryce Strong
Jaan Whitehead ‘60