2012 Alumni Night

Thornton Alumni Night did not go according to script: There was a good crowd of Thornton alums in the stands to cheer the Wildcats on, but the varsity boys’ basketball team still fell 67-54 to the Bloom Trojans. This is one of the best Bloom teams in some years, while our Wildcats are having an “un-Wildcat-like” season, with an 11-12 record.  No need for despair, though, because the sophomore team is the conference champion this year, and the freshman basketball team has gone undefeated this season.  So next year on Alumni Night, we anticipate the Wildcats will back to their winning ways!  Without question, the highlight of the evening was the award ceremony that was held for Coach Sam Cameli at half time.  Mayor Kellogg read a proclamation from the city of Harvey recognizing Sam, and Principal Tony Ratliff presented Sam with a plaque to honor him as the second winningest basketball coach in Thornton’s history, with a record of 248-88.   After the game, everyone went over to  Beggars to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza and a fond remembrance or two—and to look forward to a big win and some more big fun next year at Alumni Night!